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1978 CESSNA 182Q


  • Registration Number: N75WG

  • Serial number: 18266297

  • Airframe: 4200

  • Engine: 337 SLOH / 30 STOH

  • Engine Type: Continental IO-550-D

  • Prop: 145 SNEW

  • Prop Type: MT Propeller 3 Blade Composite

  • Prop Model: MTV-9/210-58


  • Max Gross Weight: 3100

  • Empty Weight: 1955

  • Useful Load: 1144

  • Fuel: 75 Gallons Useable


  • Aspen EFD Pro Max 1500 PFD **

  • Aspen EFD Pro Max 1500 MFD**
    Garmin GTN 750
    Garmin GNC 255A Comm/NAV
    Garmin GI 106B (VOR/LOC/ILS)
    Garmin GTX 345 Transponder ADS-B In and Out**
    Garmin GDL-69 XM Weather Uplink
    Garmin Flight Stream 510**

  • Garmin Safe Taxi, Charts, and Nav Databases 
    S-TEC 3100 A/P**
    JPI EDM 900 Electronic Engine Monitoring Display** w/New Fuel Senders
    Insight Strike Finder
    Davtron M-800-24 Chronometer
    Davtron M-655-2 Multi-Function Display: OAT, Density/Pressure Altitude, and Voltage
    Alpha Systems Angle of Attack with flip up HUD display
    Avidyne TAS-600 Traffic Avoidance System 
    PS Engineering 7000B Audio Panel

  • Standby Flight Instruments

  • Precise Flight Standby Vacuum System


  • Horton STOL Gap Seals

  • Wing Stall Fences

  • Vortex Generators** 

  • Lakevue Aeronautic Detachable Folding Jump Seats

  • In-panel USB ports

  • GAMI Injectors

  • LED Lights: Nav, Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Strobes

  • RMD Wing Tip w/LED Landing Lights and Pulse light/Wig-Wag System

  • Electric Trim on Yoke wit A/P Disconnect and Go-Around 

  • BAS Inertial Reel 4-Point Shoulder Harness System (Pilot/Co-Pilot)**

  • Cargo restraint System

  • Long Range Tanks (80 Gallons/75 Useable)

  • Storage Caddy on Aft Baggage Door

  • Tanis Pre-Heat System

  • Pitot and Angle of Attack Indicator Heat

  • Halon Fire Extinguisher

  • Precise Flight 4-Place Oxygen Bottle w/Regulator

  • Rosen Sun visors 

  • Wemac Air Vents

  • Courtesy Lights

  • Summer and Winter Weight Custom Cloth Covers/Custom Reflective Window Covers

  • Elevator Leading Edge Abrasion Protectors

  • Equipped w/Standard Landing Gear and Tires (Includes Oversized Tires and Heavyweight Nose gear)

  • Knots 2U Wheel Speed Fairings

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