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Flight Training

Flight training has always been a key factor in OCR Aviation’s commitment to  our customers. Whether you are completely new to airplanes and flying or are making the transition to your first jet, we can make the next chapter in your aircraft ownership seamless. OCR’s network of highly experienced Instructor Pilots with thousands of flight hours and experience in many of today’s most popular high-performance aircraft – from Cirrus to CJ’s to Phenom 300s, and Caravans to King Airs – are ready to take you to the next level in your flying/ownership. OCR is your single source for advanced flight training, transition courses, and jet mentoring.


Transitioning to higher performance aircraft is a critical step for any pilot – and getting the right training can make all the difference. Insurance companies want to see a professional transition plan with experienced instructor pilots who not only train but fly these aircraft regularly. Our instructor pilots are not on their way to another flying job, they are dedicated to high performance, advanced flight training. If you’re upgrading your aircraft let us help you make a safe, efficient transition.

Our training programs are designed for instrument rated pilots who are transitioning into higher performance aircraft.

We have transition/initial/recurrent courses for:

- Beechcraft G36 | G58
- Cessna 182T | T182T | T206H | TTX | 210 | 340 | 414 | 421 | 208/208B | Mustang | M2 | CJ3+
- Cirrus SR20 | SR22 | SR22T 
- Piper Mirage | M350

Avionics platforms we are proficient in:
Garmin 650/750 | G500/G600 | G1000 | G1000 NXi | G3000 | Cirrus Perspective | Avidyne


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