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We're a group of pilots, engineers, and aircraft specialists brought together by our commitment to the cutting edge of aviation. 


Having launched several successful technology startups and taken his company (Project Rubicon) public, Craig finally refocused his entrepreneurial spirit on his earliest passion––founding OCR Aviation in 2016.

Craig Roah

President, Sales

Rich Manor is an 11,000+ hour pilot and flight instructor with over 75 aircraft flown.

Rich Manor

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VP, Sales & Operations

Career aviation business growth strategist with a refined understanding of the aircraft industry and market.

Braden Messenger

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VP, Director of Maintenance & Chief Inspector

Francis has been a maintenance technician since his very first job out of college. With prolific experience spanning a wide variety of airplanes, he sets the bar for a working knowledge of aircraft mechanics.

Francis Salisbury

VP, General Manager of Aircraft Services

Bobby's vast knowledge of airplane parts and manufacturing makes him a uniquely valuable resource in aircraft maintenance & management.

Bobby Cook

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Regional Sales, Phoenix

Kelly Harper

5,000+hr ATP, BE-300 type rated pilot continues to work with an expanding clientele on transactions of multiple turboprop and light jet sales. Kelly is responsible for flying and managing multiple aircraft for clients throughout the Southwest.

Regional Sales, Long Beach

Transition Training

Danny has flown professionally as a captain, first officer, and instructor in part 91, 135, and 121 Operations. His love for flying translates seamlessly to his pursuit of helping clients find their perfect fit in an airplane purchase.

Danny Green

Aircraft Sales, Long Beach

Ryan Finnie

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